An Extraordinary Artist Specializing in Portrait Drawings and More 

Barnaby Fitzgerald, a visionary figurative painter, unveils the beauty and complexity of human emotions through his awe-inspiring artworks. With his exceptional talent, he breathes life into each brush stroke, creating masterful pieces that resonate deeply with their viewers. 

Specializing in portrait drawings, egg tempera, oil painting portraits, and more since 1972, Barnaby takes you on a remarkable journey into the world of art. Through his keen observation and masterful interpretation, he unveils the intricacies of the human condition with a level of detail you can’t see elsewhere. The lines and colors blend seamlessly, creating a mesmerizing masterpiece that transcends reality. 

Each of his artworks holds a story. Whether it is an enigmatic smile or a haunting gaze, his oil paintings ignite a range of emotions. His skillful use of light and shadow adds nuance, making his pieces undeniably captivating. His portfolio includes portraits, landscapes, still life, and abstract creations that showcase his versatility and unyielding passion for the craft. 


Get to Know Barnaby Fitzgerald

Discover the profound beauty and raw emotion that only Barnaby Fitzgerald can convey through his extraordinary works. Immerse yourself in his world, and let each stroke of his brush transport you to a realm where art truly imitates life. Read about his life and career below.